I have been working off and on with Matt for over three years now. Matt brings a blend of professional rigor and common sense to his workout regime. As a former professional athlete, Matt brings the “A” game for those that are ready and willing to partake. Yet, he also possesses the finesse and broader understanding for the holistic approach to basic wellness that is appealing and understandable to both advanced and novice participants alike. I would recommend Matt to either the hard-core fitness enthusiast, returning athletes, or novices alike.
Frank D., Client - San Diego

When I started working out with Matt I was out of shape and uncomfortable with how my body was. One year later, I was running as much as I was in high school, doing more push ups then I thought was possible and I actually felt good in the body I had. He gave me the confidence and encouragement to push myself and be healthier. I can’t thank you enough Matt.
Kelsey C., Client - San Diego

I’m a retired former Army Ranger, active in skiing, golf, and biking. Matt has been my trainer for a few years, helping me to rehab from a knee replacement and get back to ski-fitness for the slopes at Alta, Utah, my former home ski track. Matt is an exceptional trainer. He uses multiple sets of multiple exercises, mixing up the exercises in sets of three. He uses every kind of equipment, from TRX to free weights to exercise bands, balls and resistance. He emphasizes core work, but makes sure your goals, whatever they are, are met by the routines he designs and supervises, He has a depth of knowledge and practice that few can match. If your goal is to get fit, you can be sure he’ll get you where you want to be. He will work you to the level you’re capable of, and if you put the time in, the results will be there.
Steve B., Client - San Diego

Matt helped me build strength and stay motivated, and he did it in a very short time. There are specifically two things which stand out about Matt: he addresses your personal needs, and he does it with the utmost professionalism.
Cindy R., Client - San Diego

Matt is hands down the best trainer we have ever had! He is on time, knowledgeable and adapts the workout to your needs and skill level. And he is a genuinely nice guy to spend an hour with which is equally important!
Jennifer H., Client - San Diego

I have been working out with Matt for almost 3 years now. We work out twice a week and I am always looking forward to working out with him. I like how he always gives complete body workout: starting with abs, then legs, chest and shoulders and then biceps and triceps. When we are done I am always happy with what we done and I feel refreshed and accomplished.
Roman G., Client - San Diego

Matt is always changing the routine so I never know what to expect when I’m working out with him. He keeps it fun and motivating, and challenges me to my fullest so I end up doing more reps when I wanted to give up. Training with Matt has also increased my knowledge on how to use gym equipment correctly and has taught me which machines target specific muscle groups. Whether outside or in the gym, my endurance has improved and so has my strength thanks to Matt!
Jennifer B., Client - San Diego

A passionate guy who actually cares about his clients success and people being in shape and getting their body to their fullest potential. I really like training with Matt because of his honesty and authenticity.
Raj L., Client - San Diego

I have been attending Matt Snider’s Saturday morning bootcamp, held behind the convention center downtown, off and on for the last few months. From the very beginning it’s been obvious that Matt has a true passion and dedication to his trait. His bootcamps are not only engaging, challenging and executed properly, but also have great variation week to week; which shows me the time and thought put forth in planning. He also shows a tremendous amount of patience, and most of all, does a great job at encouraging all of the women to push through. I have gladly recommended his services to friends, family and clients, and will continue to do so because I know they will be in good hands to achieve their personal fitness goals.
Laura Ranking, Co-Founder, Green with Envy Events - San Diego

Matt’s positive energy keeps me going even when I don’t want too. He knows how to push you to do your best even when you think you can’t. I always feel good after my workouts with him.
Megan Brady, Client - San Diego

I am 48 years old and started training with Matt to strengthen my core, tone muscles and improve my cardio workouts. I have had painful arthritis in my shoulder for the past 6 years and Matt taught me how to strengthen the muscles surrounding my shoulder and now I am pain free! Matt was very patient and taught me how to do the workouts without pulling muscles (which I used to do). He also taught me how to use the machines at the club and I now go to the gym regularly and with confidence. I highly recommend Matt because not only is he well versed in fitness training, he is very personable and fun to workout with!
Karen Gliner, Client - San Diego

Matt worked with my 16 year old son, who was preparing himself for his upcoming high school baseball season. He connected well with him and Matt’s previous experience playing professional football gave him instant credibility and the tools and knowledge of how to prepare and compete in sports at a high level. Not only did my son’s strength increase significantly, Matt worked on his overall speed and foot quickness and greatly reduced his running times. Matt is an excellent trainer (and motivator), connects very well with young adults and knows his profession cold…he has given my son an added edge as he enters a very competitive high school sports environment.
John Murphy, Client - Solana Beach

Matt works with my teenage son and not only trains him, but also gives him tips on nutrition. He tailors the session to my son’s needs and is a great motivator! Having Matt work with my son has been a great experience.
Fyza Mauladad, Client - Del Mar

Through the years I’ve had an opportunity to work with Personal Trainers. I love to work out but I clearly get the best results when I have a Personal Trainer. Matt Snider is one of the BEST! He is tough and will push you past the comfort level all the while motivating you & mentally keeping you in check. He has an authenticity in his character that will put you at ease … Whether you have a dance background like me, or an athlete, or rehabilitating from an injury or a sedentary life, Matt will design a program suited for your current level and progress from there. He notices small details in your form and posture, will quickly adjust you to assure you’re getting the most out of your workout and time. I appreciate how professional, personal and thoughtful Matt Snider is. If you have the mental focus and financial ability there should be nothing stopping you, Matt Snider is your Personal Trainer.
Teresa Taylor, Client - La Jolla

I enjoy training with Matt because he understands my goals and keeps me motivated with new & different work outs. I am getting great results without bulking up too much which has been a problem in the past with other personal trainers.
Pam A., Client - San Diego

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Matt Snider retired from the NFL in 2002 after playing for the Packers, Vikings, Panthers, and Texans.

He now works as a personal trainer with private clients in San Diego, Solana Beach, and Rancho Santa Fe.

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